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How to use a couple’s gift registry

Get together with friends & family to gift the couple something really special.


It's quite simple. The couple creates a list of gifts they would love to receive for their wedding, and shares it with their guests. The guests can purchase or contribute towards any gift on their registry by clicking on the product and adding it to cart. Once the purchase or contribution is completed, the couple is notified of the purchase and the gift is shipped to them as per their preference.
As soon as you make a purchase, the couple receives an email with the details of your order. They also receive a detailed summary post their wedding on the gifts they received, along with all the messages. So you can be sure the couple will know of your purchase.
A registry allows you complete flexibility in terms of budget. You don't have to purchase the entire gift on a couple's registry. You can contribute any amount you like towards it, and they will be informed of the same. There is also the option of getting together with friends or family and doing a group gift, where a few of you chip in and buy the gift.
As soon as a gift is bought, it is tagged as 'purchased' and no other guest can buy it. This ensures that there are no repeat gifts.
Yes, when placing the order, you can choose to have it shipped directly to the couple or to yourself.

Why use a gift registry?

So your gifts can pass the scan test! Here’s what happens when you have no idea what the couple wants

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