Caked India

Wedding Cakes, Chandigarh

We are here to cake your ideas. From 3, 4 upto 6 dimensional cakes is what we specialise in. Do you want music to play as you cut that slice? Or do you want a projection of an old memory to appear on a cake tier on your wedding anniversary? Or even if you want a water stream running through it, we can provide you will all this and more!

How much in advance do I need to book my wedding cake?
2 weeks
What flavors do you offer?
Neopolitan ~ A layer each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes filled with chocolate and strawberry frosting. Orange Dreamsicle ~ Moist orange cake filled with chocolate frosting. Rouge Cream Pie – Red Velvet a
Do you deliver to the venue?
Is there an extra charge for delivery?
Do you create bespoke cakes based on design ideas shared by clients?
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