Celebration Caterers

Catering, Ludhiana

They are caterers based in Ludhiana.They also offer wedding planning and decor services.They specialise in wedding catering.

What event services do you provide?
Setup,Delivery,Cooking On - Site
What kind of catering do you provide?
Sit - Down Meals,Buffets,Dessert Stations,Tastings
What type of cuisines do you cater?
Punjabi, North Indian
Do you offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian or both?
What is your minimum order size?
Which of the following items can you provide?
What additional items can you provide?
Buffet set up
What does your standard package include?
Buffet set up and catering ( service staff included)
What are the additional costs a wedding client would incur?
Decor and planning
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