Cinnamon & Chives

Catering, Delhi

Food means different things to different people.
To the French it could mean flawlessly executed cooking techniques and subtle flavours, to the Italian it could mean the smell of fresh herbs and the perfect balance of seasonings.
Greeks, like Indians love spices such as Cinnamon, Cumin, and Nutmeg etcetera and also adore saffron.
As open as we are now to try different cuisines it is that much more fun to cook them yourself with your own interpretations, And that is exactly what “Cinnamon and Chives” is!

What event services do you provide?
Setup,Delivery,Cooking On - Site,Clean Up,Servers
What kind of catering do you provide?
Sit - Down Meals,Buffets,Cocktail Events,Live Stations,Dessert Stations,Tastings
What type of cuisines do you cater?
Continental, Cupcakes, Salad, Christmas Cake, Pies & Tarts, Lasagna, Quiches, Italian, Greek
Do you offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian or both?
What is your price for a vegetarian plate?
INR 800
What is your price for a non-vegetarian plate?
INR 800
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