Claudio! is one of the corner stones of the dj music culture of Goa. He is also One of the top Retro Dj’s in India & MyFavAwards Best Retro/Rock dj for 2014-2015 It all started with some cassettes,two players and some deft fingers. Claudio was never known as just Claudio after that. The deejay came naturally to anyone introducing him.There was a certain style that he had that could never be replicated. Be it his penchant for dropping the right song at the right time, or the effervescent smile constantly plastered on his face, DJ Claudio! charmed everyone he ever played for in Goa. He grew up to vintage classics, so that would lay the foundation for his speciality – One Mad Retro Party. Of course, house, hip-hop or any other style is something he’s familiar with. But give him a choice and he will spin some of that old happy music, interspersing it with music you never thought would make it on to a deejay’s tracklist. Claudio has that ability to change things around on a whim. But then, that would be obvious since he’s been playing music across different mediums since 1994! In 2002, Claudio was ranked as one of the top five deejay’s in Goa, no mean feat that one, given that Goa is one of the biggest party hubs in the country. Today, besides the odd one-off gig, or the regular pub night where fans gather to shake a hip, or two, Claudio spends his time working on his own sound – a mix of all his influences, set to modern basslines. He has used his talent as a dj to coordinate events for major event companies in goa. He has been considered as one of Goa’s Best Wedding DJ’s. Next time you see his name set to a particular night at a club, enter, strap yourselves in and hang on for your dear life.

What music genres do you specialize in?
What is your starting price point?
INR 25000
What does your typical package include?
Only playing cost
How many years of experience do you have?
> 5 years
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