Emperor Events & Entertainment

Wedding Planning & Decor, Delhi

Emperor Events & Entertainment” is all about celebration in style. A celebration of taste, service and the senses. Emperor Events & Entertainment & Spice Root Catering Services is premium Brand Owned by Orbit Foods Inc. We endeavors to satiate your thirst for flavorsome food served with great hospitality. We have taken a small step towards achieving the highest standards of professionalism in catering & hospitality at astonishingly affordable prices. Whether you are hosting a Wedding, Reception, Business Engagement, Social Affair, Corporate lunch, Product Launch, Convention, Cocktail Dinner, Birthday Bash, High tea or Gala Theme, our experienced staff will assist you through the challenges of designing and realizing a memorable occasion. What All we do Concept Development This entails the conceptualization of profound ideas. Creative and innovative ideas are developed by our skilled creative team and translated into deliverable tasks. Thematic Designs Thematic designs at Emperor Events are inspired by the vision of our customers. We enjoy giving our customers the space to breathe their own creativity into the projects, as the result of which every project carries the stamp of its own individuality. Accessorizing Our floral, linen and furniture items are inspired by the theme chosen. Every element of the decor is coordinated perfectly in keeping with the mood and ambience desired. We transform dreams into reality by making it royal & grand which makes it one in a lifetime affair. Lighting Lighting creates a dramatic effect and transforms the setting into something magical. The ambiance created by the interplay of our latest & special lights enhances the effect & takes them to the next level. One point Coordinator Our talented and skilled customer service department has various one point coordinators who are responsible for overseeing every project. The one point coordinator system saves time and is highly efficient. The customer can go to the same coordinator with all the needs related to a particular project, which is less time consuming and more productive. Entertainment, Celebrity & Artiste management Celebrity and Artiste management is perhaps the most challenging task of any event company. And entertainment is the cornerstone of every successful wedding or celebration. We get the very best entertainers to celebrate out prestigious events and all the same are counting for new & special talent to make our celebrations unique. We pay detailed attention to every aspect of entertainment and have met with unprecedented success in this field.

What wedding planning services do you offer?
Event Design,Full Planning
What size of weddings do you typically service?
Small (<250 guests),Medium (250 - 700 guests),Large (>700 guests)
What is your Fee Structure?
Fixed Fee
What is your starting price point?
> 4 lakh
What kind of weddings do you specialize in?
Destination weddings, Banquet weddings etc.
What is your Decor Policy?
In house decor only
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