Ether Atelier Chocolates

Gifts & Favours, Mumbai

In classical times, Ether was considered quintessence – the fifth element. That what filled the clear sky and through which light is brought down to man. It has since come to represent serene balance and equilibrium.

It is from this that we hope to bring you chocolates with an immense respect for quiet complexity, subtlety and incredible nuance. 100% of the chocolate used at Ether is single origin and in most cases single plantation pure couverture chocolate, with origins ranging from Peru to Indonesia to Madagascar.

Come and explore the quiet elegance of fine chocolate!

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What kinds of wedding gifts do you offer?
Chocolates, Macaron and cakes (cakes only in Mumbai)
Do you have a bespoke range of gifts? If so please elaborate
Absolutely.. As our products are niche, we cater only to the Uber Luxury segment (we have various SKU's)
What is your starting price point?
Rs. INR 575/ -
What is your minimum order requirement?
Box of 20 chocolates
Do you offer any services other from wedding favours and gifts?
Yes. We retail and cater to events as well
What are your signature or most popular gifts or favors?
Smoke, Noir, Sultan box, Almond Coated Berries Almond Dragees Dominicana cake, Smoked Black Forest cake
How many years of experience do you have?
1 - 3 years
What is your payment policy?
50% advance and 50% after delivery
Do you ship both domestic and internationally?
Chocolates PAN India & Cakes only in Mumbai
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