Gaman The Movement Factory

Choreography, Kolkata

It is often said that “The Journey never ends” and with that Gaman starts its own journey. It is seen that dance follows a definite trail where various dance forms follows their own path. However GAMAN departs from its usual course and tries to depict dance in its new avtaar. This company with its expertise of Classical Jazz and Kathak accompanied with the theatrical vision makes a smooth blend which never ceases to amaze the viewers.
The voyage of this company is driven by the constant pursuance and dedication towards dance and its ever increasing thirst/desire to promote performing arts. The vision and mission mainly swilrs around training those who have a passion for dance. Through constant experiment and innovation this company tries to give dance a complete new look and style. It is a platform where all the passionate dancers holds hand with those who has a secret desire to tap their feet to the rhythm but never got the right direction to do so, and their journey begins with Gaman.

What type of entertainment do you provide?
Bollywood,Dance,Hindustani music
What kinds of events do you typically perform at?
What is your starting price point?
INR 30000
How many years of experience do you have?
> 5 years
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