Happy Belly Bakes

Wedding Cakes, Bangalore

When done right, there’s something about a pastry that just warms your heart. Started by Thripti and Shisham Hinduja, Happy Belly Bakes has been delighting pastry lovers since 2008.
We can’t disguise the fact that we love pastries. At the risk of laying it on too thick, pastries have always been there for us- In times of great joy, triumph, fellowship and of course sorrow. Who amongst us hasn’t drowned their woes in box of chocolates or found solace in the juicy centre of an eclair.
It is with this love that we approach our confectionery art. Thripti Hinduja, a trained pastry chef has brought the full gamut of her experience to the endeavour, a fact that is evident in all her stunning creations. We also know that every occasion calls for a different pastry- whether it is a birthday, theme party,wedding or corporate event, we always get it right.
Happy Belly Bakes is here to stay- good news for everyone who shares our sweet-tooth and love of all things baked.

How much in advance do I need to book my wedding cake?
10 days
What flavors do you offer?
Chocolate truffle, Banana walnut, blueberry, Cookies & Cream, Red velvet
Do you deliver to the venue?
Is there an extra charge for delivery?
Do you create bespoke cakes based on design ideas shared by clients?
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