Lavonne is an academy run by, and for, people who are passionate about baking. We offer a range of courses suitable for amateurs as well as those with industry experience. From our intensive 480-hour diploma program, to hobby classes over the weekends, the Six week certification course, and sugar-art classes through the week, there is something for everybody!

At Lavonne, we strive towards holistic tutoring in the field of hospitality, employing both theoretical and practical methods. Our faculty comprises professionals who have proved their mettle in the F&B industry in India, and studied at the finest pastry and boulangerie academies around. In addition, Lavonne often invites celebrity guest chefs from across the globe, to bring their experience and technical know-how to our students.

Our facility is also outfitted with the very best of equipment, to match the growing standards of the baking industry.

We embrace the principles of fun learning, our students are encouraged to experiment & innovate with their craft, while still focusing on the most professional output imaginable.

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