Makeovers- By Ramya

Makeup & Hair, Bangalore

We believe in making you glow in your own skin!
We are skilled and well versed in many ethnic/religious styles.
The natural character of your skin & hair is taken into consideration when formulating the perfect styling for skin & hair that looks shiny, smooth, and long lasting.
Only high quality cosmetics are used.Even the lipstick lasts 8+ hours!
Airbrush makeup services are offered too!
An even coverage and seamless blending is prioritized so that complexions appear clarified and luminous without heavy makeup.
It’s your special day and we understand that you want look like yourself rather than someone else!

Who do you provide services for?
What services do you offer?
How many stylists are there in your team?
What types of events do you specialize in?
How much do you charge for Bridal Makeup?
INR 21000
What is your starting price point?
INR 21000
Do you offer Airbush Makeup?
Do you travel to the venue for doing makeup?
What is your trial policy?
Paid Trial
What does your typical package include?
Hair, Makeup, Saree Draping
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