Minakshi Jaiswal Professional Makeup MJ

Makeup & Hair, Lucknow

Minakshi Jaiswal Professional Bridal Makeup Artist In Lucknow. She uses her experience to make the best suggestions to the clients that enhance their beauty. Her honesty and professional ethics are well rewarded by the customers.Ran by Professional Bridal Makeup Artists in Lucknow, the salon offers top quality services for the residents of the city. The salon offers the latest Hair Style in Lucknow using latest hair styling gadgets and technology.The salon takes special care of the brides; it is one of the best makeover salons for Pre Bridal in Lucknow. The pre-bridal makeover is not the about makeover, brides need to follow a strict diet and have great nourishment. For these purposes, the Professional Makeup artist Minakshi Jaiswal relies on the experts.

Who do you provide services for?
What services do you offer?
What is the maximum group size you can accommodate?
How many stylists are there in your team?
What types of events do you specialize in?
How much do you charge for Bridal Makeup?
INR 18000
What is your starting price point?
INR 9000
How much do you charge for Engagement makeup?
INR 6999
Do you offer Airbush Makeup?
Do you travel to the venue for doing makeup?
What is your trial policy?
Paid Trial
What does your typical package include?
Makeup Preparation cleanup, Nail paint,Lahenga Draping,Body Makeup,Hair Do adv.with accessories, Bridal special Bindi, Eye lash & Jewellery Draping
Do you offer Airbush Makeup?
Offers Airbush Makeup
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