Bridalwear & Trousseau, Kolkata

If you’re looking for something unique for your wedding, Mohey, is the ideal destination. Not only do the garments have a touch of tradition in them but also caters to all types of wedding occasions. The product range comprises of lehengas, sarees, gowns, blouses, saree gowns & suits. The brand also offers tasteful accessories that complete the ensemble such as bags, clutches, duppattas, ponchos and jewellery which includes rings, ear rings, neck pieces, mang tika and belly belts. Every Mohey garment is handpicked for its concept, attention to detail, fabric, hue, cut, embellishment and finishing, making the garments both glamorous and classy.

What is the variety of outfits you offer?
Lehengas,Saris,Salwar kameez / Anarkali,Gowns,Indo - Western
What is your starting price?
INR 20000 and above
What is the purchase model of your brand?
Ready - to wear
What does your brand aesthetic?
What is the product range you offer?
Heavy function - oriented
What is your store type?
Define your brand’s signature style in one line?
Heavy function oriented women wear
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