Choreography, Mumbai

Vidhi Shah Mody, founder and choreographer of Naach. A lawyer by profession chose to take up her passion as her mainstream career & decided to change the dimension of dance in weddings. Since then Naach, A dedicated global wedding dance company based in Mumbai, which designs and choreographs your events to perfection. They personalize your experience and crafts your inborn talent to express fully to your loved ones. With their most versatile team, they cater requirements personally as well as on web (via. skype). They do not just train you in dance but envision and create the performance to perfection. From Mumbai to Goa to Sydney to USA, they have sprinkled some graceful traces! They believe in serving their passion, so you can shine!

What type of entertainment do you provide?
What kinds of events do you typically perform at?
What is your starting price point?
INR 40000
How many people are there in your group?
How many years of experience do you have?
1 - 3 years
What are the additional costs a wedding client would incur for out station or destination weddings?
In terms of destination wedding, travel,food and stay shall be incured by client.
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