Wedding Cards, Bangalore, Chennai

Overlay operating since October 2019 is your goto for personalised and customised unique Wedding Invitation and return gifts .

Our extensive customization options can capture the essence of who you are as a couple & the perfect invitation to tell your story so far, you can be sure you’ll find a beautiful beginning to your creation process. Our designers recognize that your idea of a perfect wedding is unique to you.

We as a team are committed to offering unique and personal gifts designed specially for you. We work further in developing new ideas and extending our range of products. We strive to bring you the best quality output with a personal touch.

What services do you provide?
Consultations,Design,Digital Printing,Offset Printing,Shipping
What invitation-related products do you offer?
Custom Invitations,Save the Dates,Wedding Stationery,Packaging
What is your minimum order requirement?
What types of invitations do you specialize in?
Boxed Invitations,Funky & Offbeat Invitations,Modern Invites,Traditional Invitations
What is your shipping strategy?
Domestic shipping,International shipping
What is your starting price point?
INR 450
How much do you charge for unboxed invites?
INR 450
How much do you charge for Boxed invites?
INR 500
Do you also offer other services like - Gifting, Trousseau Packing etc ?
Gifting, Trousseau Packing etc.
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