Patyala Royal Couture

Bridalwear & Trousseau, Chandigarh

PATYALA brings apparels that evoke the memories of glorious Queens and beauteous Princesses, formal Indian ethnic ensembles worked by finest artisans. Luxurious fabrics and sinuous silks that invoke evocative mystique, embellishments and embroideries will take your breath away…

At Patyala, every garment tells a tale, a tale that shimmers in the seams & whispers from the folds. The hint of a smile of the masterful embroider who sits in the winter sun, using the colours of the most radiant rainbows in his creation.

What is the variety of outfits you offer?
What is your starting price?
INR 5000 – INR 10000
What is the purchase model of your brand?
Ready - to wear & Made to order
What does your brand aesthetic?
What is the product range you offer?
Heavy function - oriented & Light trousseau - oriented
What is your store type?
Couture store
Define your brand’s signature style in one line?
Traditional heavy Lehengas
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