Live Streaming, Chennai

Purpleknot live streams your wedding and other related events such as – Reception, Sangeet etc, to a exclusive audience that you choose. Friends and family that due to circumstances cannot attend your wedding will still be able to view and experience it via live stream, from anywhere across the world. Purpleknot uses the most up to date technology that is provided by its parent company Purplestream, to broadcast a uninterrupted live stream of your wedding all across. Friends, family and colleagues that are not able to attend your wedding will now be able to experience it in Standard definition and High definition without any trouble with regards to buffering. All you have to do is send an email with your personalised PurpleKnot micro-website address link which will contain the names of the groom and bride (eg-www.purpleknot/boywedsgirl.com) to the people that are not attending and just by clicking on the link they will be able to experience your special day with you.

Do you offer any other service apart from Live Streaming?
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