Spring Street Bakery

Gifts & Favours, Mumbai

We are a classic American bakery that makes double fudge brownies, apple pie, lemon pound cake, custom cupcakes, sugar cookies and any occasion cakes.

We have always hired and trained under-privilege women that are referred from our partner NGO’s. These NGO’s refer girls from various backgrounds that are ready to learn a new skill and receive vocational training. We love watching the girls grow from swirling their first cupcake to making their first cake from scratch. The smiles on their face, says it all !

We never compromise on the quality of our products and we have ample professional staff that have graduated from various culinary/catering schools, to work along side our girls.

Come by and taste our goodness !

What kinds of wedding gifts do you offer?
Cookies and Biscuits, Cake in a Jar, Cupcakes etc, Mehendi Favors, Brownies, Unique Gifting Solutions
What is your starting price point?
INR 50 - INR 1400
How many years of experience do you have?
> 5 years
Do you ship both domestic and internationally?
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