Sunset Getaways Goa

Wedding Planning & Decor, Goa

Sunset Getaways is the brainchild of Lyndon Alves, a personality hungry for perfection. His vast experience holds its own in the industry, Backed with a dedicated and passionate team over the years, our growth has been organic, purely through “word of mouth” We take care of all your needs in Goa from negotiating the best rates with the right resorts that suit your guests to logistics, decor and venue management. Since our inception, thousands of clients have enjoyed our services in making Goa a better destination for themselves & their guests. Through our experience, networks and partners in the hospitality industry, we offer an exceptional product line providing end-to-end services, all at one address. Sunset Getaways handles events, weddings, excursions and MICE. And when we say ‘handle’, we really do it all, taking care of your needs from airport transfers and hotel negotiations, to sightseeing and itineraries, team building and entertainment. Each project is like our own baby, receiving the required time, attention, and effort to build it into an explosion of success for our clients. With each new project, we continue to up the ante by providing the best service matched

What wedding planning services do you offer?
Full Planning
What size of weddings do you typically service?
Small (<250 guests),Medium (250 - 700 guests),Large (>700 guests)
What is your Fee Structure?
Fixed Fee
What is your starting price point?
> 4 lakh
What kind of weddings do you specialize in?
Destination weddings, Banquet weddings etc.
What is your Decor Policy?
In house decor only
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