Taantraa Organic Handbaking

Gifts & Favours, Bangalore

Taantraa Organic Handbaking is Bangalore’s go to bakery for people seeking innovative bakes that combine health with unique flavours.
Taantraa is run by Chaitali Raizada as a home-baking outfit.
Chaitali bakes with Almond flour, Multigrain & Jaggery to conjure up a whole list of cakes that are exciting, innovative and exotic.
There is also an entire set of Custom Toppings to make the special cakes all the more special.
Taantraa also offers Nuts & Seed breads, Nut Butters, Energy Bars, Cookies & Lite Granola.
Chaitali’s bakes have been appreciated by food lovers on one hand and nutrition experts, diabetics, gluten-allergic people on the other.
Chaitali has been extensively covered in media – from mainline publications to Femina & Vogue.
Do check out the Taantraa menu, though we recommend you call 9731244600 and speak with Chaitali – she might just suggest a totally different bake to blow your mind away.

Taantraa Promises:

No Maida
No Sugar
No Preservatives,
No Added colors,
No Nature Identical Substance,
No Microwave,
No Nonstick.
In any of its bakes.

What kinds of wedding gifts do you offer?
Almond flour & Multigrain Cakes. Signature Cakes. Custom Cake Toppings. Nuts & Seed Breads. Energy Bars. Nut Butters. Lite Granola. Cookies.
How many years of experience do you have?
3 - 5 years
What is your payment policy?
Full payment
Do you ship both domestic and internationally?
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