The House of Design

Wedding Cards, Delhi

The House of Design is a design studio which specializes in luxury wedding & event invitations. Known for creating awe-inspiring, stylish designs for the discerning client, we are sought after by high profile socialites and industrialists.Our clientele includes the Dhoots of Videocon, Jindals,
Lakhanis, Spaze Builders, Mapsko Builders, Liberty Shoes, MVL Group & Sikka Group .
Our personal design service is what makes every invitation unique. We custom couture invitations according to your tastes, style, and event details making sure every detail, every sentiment is designed to reflect you and your special day.

What services do you provide?
Consultations,Design,Digital Printing,Offset Printing
What invitation-related products do you offer?
Custom Invitations,Save the Dates,Wedding Stationery,Packaging
What is your minimum order requirement?
What types of invitations do you specialize in?
Boxed Invitations,Funky & Offbeat Invitations,Modern Invites,Traditional Invitations
What is your shipping strategy?
Domestic shipping,International shipping
What is your starting price point?
INR 350
How much do you charge for unboxed invites?
INR 350
How much do you charge for Boxed invites?
INR 750
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