The JoySmiths

Wedding Planning & Decor, Pune

A wedding is more than just a passionate memory or a coffee-table photo-book. Your anniversary should be more than a deja vu or a milestone. At The JoySmiths we understand this, and that is why we are more than “wedding planners”. The JoySmiths engine is fueled by your emotion, your vision. The crew is fueled by caffeine. Hand in glove, we work to turn your precious moment into a priceless one. A bespoke experience. Tailored, not off the rack. Alas, there is no word for crafting happiness. So we made one.

What is your Fee Structure?
Percentage of the wedding cost
What is your starting price point?
> 4 lakh
What kind of weddings do you specialize in?
Destination weddings, Banquet weddings etc.
What is your Decor Policy?
In house decor and open to work with other decorators as well
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