The Papier Project

Wedding Cards, Mumbai

The Papier Project, founded by Ayesha Wadhawan and Sanaa Jhurani, resonates with an effort to put together a selection that is curated to complement the tastes and preferences of the individual who is looking for a more ‘premium’ and selective offering to cater to his or her gifting and stationery requirements.

Remember when we’d have to sharpen our pencils constantly in school? And the dawn of innovation arrived with the introduction of the mechanical sharpener? Le Gasp! How far we’ve come! But we worry sometimes that in this world that’s increasingly mechanized, have we lost our appreciation for tiny tokens of love and small gestures of thanks?

The Papier Project was founded as an ode to the power of the written word. The sheer magic of penning down your thoughts, of the possibility of creating and leaving a legacy, an imprint – one that stands the test of time and serves as tactile proof of our feelings. How could sterile texts/whatsapp messages/emails match up to something so beautiful? So write that thank you, send out that paper invite and post that letter. Delve into the past; you might discover it’s not all that bad.

What services do you provide?
Consultations,Design,Digital Printing,Offset Printing,Shipping
What invitation-related products do you offer?
Custom Invitations,Save the Dates,Wedding Stationery,Packaging
What is your minimum order requirement?
What types of invitations do you specialize in?
Boxed Invitations,Funky & Offbeat Invitations,Modern Invites,Traditional Invitations
What is your shipping strategy?
Domestic shipping
What is your starting price point?
INR 170
How much do you charge for unboxed invites?
INR 250
How much do you charge for Boxed invites?
INR 450
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