Gifts & Favours, Delhi

Troiss is a team of young, crafty bakers and packaging designers, who make lip-smacking desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, and a wide range of breads and cookies to suit your savory palate. We also offer creative packaging solutions to suit your personal and professional gifting needs. You can order from our Regular Menu or get Customized services suiting any occasion. We welcome corporate orders and cater for birthdays, openings, house warming parties, get-togethers, wedding treats, and any occasion that brings a sugary grin to your face!

In Bakery items, you can order from a selection of:

Also, cupcakes, pies, tarts, dry cakes, pastries, cheesecakes, breads, puffs, pastas and sandwiches!

Also, we offer Creative Bulk Packaging for:
Baby Showers / Baby Announcements
Trousseau (Wedding) Packaging
Corporate Packaging
Theme Based Packaging
Individual Gift Packaging, etc.

We look forward to serve you.

What kinds of wedding gifts do you offer?
Cookies Chocolates Brownies Doughnuts Macaroons Cakes
What is your starting price point?
INR 600
How many years of experience do you have?
1 - 3 years
Do you ship both domestic and internationally?
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