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The Wedding Wishlist Guest APP

Getting married? Double the fun with our first-ever personalised Guest App! Create a community of wedding guests, share information, get all guest images in one gallery, chat, comment and make announcements, all with just a click! Watch how it works...
Here’s how to download the app…
Wondering why you can’t see a download link? That’s because we want to be a step ahead with everything we offer!
  • Register with your wedding details
  • Create a Wedding Website or Wishlist and add gifts that you'd like to receive at your Wedding
  • Publish your Website/Wishlist and share with guests via Email, Facebook and Whatsapp
  • Our Guest App gets downloaded when the guest clicks on your website link on their phone
  • It doesn’t take up any phone memory
  • It’s light, it’s fast, and it’s super fun

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