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Celebrating with Virtual
Guests is Super-Easy!

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Let guests socialise & interact while an usher manages event flow and assists guests

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Why Host a Virtual Guest Party?

Makes virtual guests feel a part of the function

Guests can join from anywhere

Online Ushers assist guests during event

Option to make function 'private'

Easy to set up. Integrates within website

Cost effective

Footage available post-function

Perfect for any occasion - wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday or housewarming

Why Everyone Virtual
Guest Party

Eve & Jason

Eve & Jason

We wanted a celebration that would adapt with changing international travel restrictions, and evolving travel plans. The virtual event we planned with Wedding Wishlist allowed us to do exactly that. Guests could participate physically or virtually and could send us audio & video wishes via our digital guestbook. Our traditional Ghanian wedding was a celebration to remember, and digital album the perfect keepsake!
Mr. K.K Agarwal

Mr. K.K Agarwal

We came to know about Wedding Wishlist by reading an article about them. We immediately became interested being overseas in Thailand and our families not being able to join our son's wedding. We are very happy with the services provided. Our families were able to see and participate in the wedding almost as if they were here with us. They were also able to see replays in case they were unable to join the event due to time differences or due to other engagements. Filled a very important gap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passively watching the live stream can get boring, so Virtual Guest Party is a platform for your guests to chat, socialize and engage with each other as they watch the Live Stream.
Virtual Guest Party is priced at ₹2,599 plus taxes per event (excluding the Usher Service).
Our Virtual Guest Party package is on a per event basis, where each event can be upto 2 hours.
Your Virtual Guest Party is integrated within your website, and is available soon after you purchase and activate it. Simply, share your website URL. You don’t have to share multiple links! Once the event starts, your guests can join by simply clicking the “Join Guest Party” link on your website.
Upto 100 guests can interact with each other at once within one Virtual Guest Party session.
Yes, of course! You can set up a separate “virtual room” for each guest group within a single Guest Party. This way, your guests won’t have to interact with random guests they may not know. You can choose the number of rooms you want to set up for each event.
While both the Live Stream and Virtual Guest Party services are integrated within your website, your guests won’t be able to watch the stream within the Guest Part window. Streaming it within the Guest Party affects the quality of the video. For the best viewing experience, we suggest that your guests use two separate devices or two browser windows - one to view the live stream and the other to join the Guest Party.
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