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Sell your invitations and earn in 3 simple steps!

Design Invites
Upload Them
Earn as They Sell

A marketplace for beautiful invites - enjoy its many benefits!

Tools to create versatile designs

Upload Design & attract customers

Dashboard to track sales

Secure transactions. Automatic monthly deposit

Smart way to earn

Why Everyone Invite Marketplace

Sachin Nihalani

Sachin Nihalani

Absolutely loved my experience with wedding wishlist.. They are super responsive, reasonable and go out of their way to deliver perfectly!! They have a highly curated set of elegant designs. Give these folks a shout for you needs - they get it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invite Marketplace is a platform for creative people to design using our tools and sell Invites. Start by Adding in your details and Design with our easy to use tools which will enable designers to create Amazing design in different language and sizes. The Designer can also promote their invitation on our website and can view their sales on their dashboard. It's like having your own website to sell invitations on.

The Invite Marketplace is for every smart and creative people who would like to earn with their design. It's Open for everyone who wants to sell their invitation on our platform.

You can start by signing in as a seller and get into the fun task of designing, and the final step would be to fill in your bank details in order for us to send money every-time your invite sells.

Invite Marketplace allows designers/ sellers to showcase their creativity effortlessly. You can change background Color, or add images as you like. The flow allows you to create invitation hassle free.

You can create as much Invites as you like, only the ones which gets approved will be published on our website. You can track all your sales and incentives on your dashboard.

Yes! every design you create will be reviewed by our team and will share their feedback directly with you. The designs will be approved by the team only if it meets the bar.

You will earn every time your invitation gets sold, for more info please refer T&C

Yes, completely. Your information is confidential, and we treat it as such. we will not disclose any personal information to any third parties unless legally required to do so.

Yes, completely. All of our transactions are channeled through a third party server that is 100% secure.

Yes! you can, write a mail to us and we will allow the edit access.

Yes, you can. Just mail us the design in vector format and we will do the needful.

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