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How to choose Perfect Gift For Wedding Couples

Present Perfect

Wondering what to gift the newlywed couple? Here’s the list!

This Video About A ‘Gift Inspector’ Crashing A Wedding Is Giving Us All The Feels This Season

‘I Do’: How Indian Couples Today Are Tying The Knot With Wedding Tech Startups

From Karan Johar to Priyanka Chopra — the one wedding trend celebs stand by!

Celebrations in the time of recession

How to plan the perfect celebrations in times of recession

Moving towards a smarter way of gifting

Here's Why Grooms Need A Gift Registry For Their Weddings

Wedding Wishlist is here to change the wedding game with unconventional gifts ideas!

Here’s how Wedding Wishlist is changing the wedding gifts dynamics for the millennials

Why is Wedding Wishlist a favourite among millennials

3 Ways Millennials Are Using Technology To Make Weddings Personalised And Waste-Free

Priyanka & Nick Kickstarted The Wedding Registry Trend & It’s Here To Stay!

The Wedding Registry Portals That’ll Give You New Gift Goals

Now, weddings undergo a socially-responsible makeover

Why settle for gifts that are redundant? Ask away through gift registry

Why wedding gift registries are gaining popularity among millennials

Decoding the Wedding Gift Registry - 2019s biggest wedding trend

Charity begins at weddings

How Wedding Wishlist Is Carving A Tech-Driven Niche In India’s $50 Bn Wedding Market

Holiday as your Wedding Gift

On Madras Day, here are seven startups from Chennai to watch out for

Interactive rituals, GIF corners and VR: the story of 2019's small Indian weddings

Getting Married? Share your Wedding Wishlist with your guests

Our wedding, our way

Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Wishlist Is Bringing The Tech Upgrade To The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Kanika Subbiah talks about her entrepreneurial journey and connection with Chennai's traditions

Why this Chennai startup believes wedding gift registry is not just for Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra

A twist to modern wedding: Seek not just blessings but also the precise presents you want

How to curate the perfect wedding welcome hamper for your guests

Kanika Subbiah in conversation with Brides Today on making wedding gifting stress-free and apps that ease the art of gifting and planning

Western traditions taking off in India: Young couples getting hitched now curate & share wedding registry

Now get smart gifts

Wedding gifts spin off

Wedding registry sees potential in small towns of TN now

How to set up a wedding gift registry like Priyanka Chopra’s

Online wedding gift registries click with Delhi’s young couples..

A bridge between Wedding
Guests and Couples

Find, Create & Manage a
Wedding Wishlist

"Hardly a day goes by when I don't
learn something new"

Startups fulfil your
Wedding Wishlist

Gift Registries for the Great
Indian Wedding

Gifts for a couple that
has it all

Bridal Bytes — Gift registries
in India

Conversations with Kanika Subbiah
of Wedding Wishlist

Tell your guests what you want
with Wedding Wishlist

Present Perfect: Get the gifts
you really need

Say no to random or useless gifts
with Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist raises funding
from Facebook MD

Kanika Subbiah on the concept of
gift registry in India

Making the wedding gift market
relevant in India

India’s premium online gift
registry is here

Why this one-stop gift registry is
perfect for your wedding

Interview with e-commerce entrepreneur
Kanika Subbiah

Ask & you shall receive with
Wedding Wishlist

Get your own wedding registry with
Wedding Wishlist

What’s on your Wedding

A day with Wedding
Sutra Favourites

In a conversation with Kanika Subbiah,
founder, Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist at the Wedding
Sutra masterclass

Make a wish with Wedding Wishlist’s
gift registry

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