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Wedding Wishlist, founded by Kanika Subbiah, has gone a step further by offering 'Charity' as a category . "Many couples want to do their bit for society during their wedding. So they create a wishlist which is a mix of products, experiences and charity."

Founded by Kanika Subbiah, one of the best things about Wedding Wishlist is that it lets you personalise your registry page. So while you can create a list of your most wanted items, you can also add candid photographs with your spouse-to-be and a personalised message for guests who visit the site. The website even has different readymade folders for couples with different needs.

Win their favour

September 21st, 2016

"Couples these days prefer a combination of presents; they want functional things for their home and also experiences" says Kanika Subbiah, founder of Wedding Wishlist, one of the India's first online wedding registries.

Gearing up for the big day

September 9th, 2016

Seven words. Those were all that Kanika Subbiah needed to convey her concept to the elite attendees of Bridal Asia at Mumbai last month. They were ‘3 steps to wedding gifts you want’, prominently pasted on top of her modest kiosk at the expo. It intrigued guests, a majority of whom had come to shop for clothes and jewellery.


July 23rd, 2016

The new wedding registry portals aim to dramatically change the gifting scenario by giving couples the option of getting gifts they like.

Chennai-based Wedding Wishlist is a first-of-its kind wedding gift registry service where the bride and groom can make a wishlist of what gifts they would like, and they can also select a price range for those gifts. This ensures that the guests don’t end up bringing useless gifts.

Getting hitched?

July 13th, 2016

Racking your brain over the ideal wedding gift? Chennai-based startup Wedding Wishlist (WW) has a solution for giver and getter alike. Started in February by Kanika Subbiah, 45, WW is an online marketplace that allows couples to curate a wish list of gifts they want for their wedding and share it with their guests on social media.

Present perfect

July 5th, 2016

It’s half past seven on a busy Monday evening, and you’re already late for your friend’s wedding reception that’s taking place at the other end of the city. You’ve to get your best shirt out, coordinate the trousers and shoes, and call your friends to ensure they’re there when you get to the hall. You have to top up fuel in the car, and pick up your wife on the way. And, you need to buy a gift. Dressed and ready, you head to a nearby gift store and pick up... a clock.

It all started when Kanika subbiah, 45, was listening to her friend lamenting about the useless gifts she had received for her wedding-a mickey mouse clock topped the list of undesirables.

Forty-five-year old Kanika Subbiah, who is married to Vellayan Subbiah of Murugappa group, has started a new venture that allows you to give and receive wedding gifts. The four-month-old start-up,, has raised Rs 2 crore from investors such as Facebook India Managing Director Kirthiga Reddy, Multiples Equity founder Renuka Ramanath and CherryTin, among others.

Weddings in India are synonymous with breathtaking locations, elaborate ensembles, delicious buffets and customary gifting for the bride and groom. After all the naach-gaana, fun, frolic and those hectic days, every couple looks forward to a new life filled with lovely presents which will help them set up a new home.

Kanika Subbiah launched a new e-commerce website in Chennai this February; it’s called Wedding Wishlist ( “Wedding gifts are an area that’s totally neglected,” declares Subbiah. She has done her research. According to her, there are 1.1 crore weddings conducted in India each year. An average of Rs 2 lakh is spent on gifts at each wedding. The annual spend on wedding gifts in the country, therefore, is Rs 2.2 lakh crore, and half of this is in cash.

Weddings in India have are synonymous with breathtaking locations, elaborate ensembles, delicious buffets and customary gifting for the bride and groom. While most couples know exactly the things they need for their married life, they are too shy to say. In the meantime, their guests have no idea what they want. The result is duplicate, recycled and redundant gifts! Wedding Wishlist creates a bridge between couple and guests.

While the prospect of an upcoming wedding might have you in high spirits, procuring the perfect gift for a loved one might pose a challenge. There’s always the lopsided equation of the price of the best gift ever versus the budget in hand. Maybe the couples in question are such enigmas, you’re puzzled where to start looking for a gift in the first place or much worse.


June 21st, 2016

For the Indian bride and groom, a registry may not be the first choice when it comes to picking wedding presents. But e-commerce entrepreneur KANIKA SUBBIAH tells SONAL VED, Vogue India why it certainly is the wisest.

No more tacky lamps and duplicate photo frames. With this wedding registry, couples can choose what they want and even send thank you notes to their guests. It's the classic newly married couple activity. No, not what you're thinking. We're talking of the day(s) after the big day, when sub-par wedding gifts are discarded with as much disdain as the gift wrappers they came in.

A sunny vibe!

May 13th, 2016

As part of the launch of her website,Kanika Subbiah hosted a lavish luncheon for her girls.And boy, it really was an indulgent affair at this popular bar & kitchen in Ashok Nagar! The city's swish set were spotted sipping on to sangria and biting into a decadent spread.

If you’ve seen close friends and family get married, you’d know that nearly half of their wedding presents are well, recycled, or mostly useless, to the point where you want to tell people that you don’t want any gifts! Having said that, weddings are expensive, and when you’re setting up a new home, you could use the help.In the US, many stores have wedding registries, where the bride and groom put out a list of presents that they would like, and the guests can choose which to get

What’s on Your Wedding Wishlist?

You’ve just had a fairytale wedding, the one that you’ve always dreamt of since forever. But when you open the presents the next day, it turns out to be a nightmare. One friend who recently got married said she’d received so many kitchen appliances and crockery sets, she could set up a restaurant. Another said the gifts were really of no use so he would just keep them somewhere but had no clue how and where to accommodate them.

‘A Day with WeddingSutra Favourites’ is when WeddingSutra brings their wedding planning enthusiasm and expertise to excited to-be-weds. We customize a program for a selected WeddingSutra reader, which includes visiting a specially curated list of jewellery experts, wedding couturiers and other specialists, a process that has turned out to be invaluable for couples planning their wedding.

I caught up with Kanika Subbiah, founder of Wedding Wishlist to give us more insights on her website. "Why did you set up Wedding Wishlist?"
"Married couples are tormented by the unnecessary gifts they receive at the end of their nuptials. There is always a gap between what the guest gifts and what the couple really needs. Wedding Wishlist was born to offer prospective couples a way to start their life with gifts and experiences that are memorable."

Women’s Day

March 15th, 2016

Scenes from the WeddingSutra Masterclass – Women’s Day Edition.

WeddingSutra celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March with a Masterclass dedicated to women entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. Three young and emerging women professionals– Noopur Badkar of Final Fling, Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Experts; Dr Diksha Tahilramani of Smile Essentials; Kanika Subbiah of ‘Wedding Wishlist’, a wedding gift registry platform– shared their stories and inspirations through short presentations.

Make a Wish

February 26th, 2016

Experience like a salsa class for two or cycling in Tuscany are offered on the same platform as fine cutlery on this Wedding registry.

Back in 2013, Kanika Subbiah, the entrepreneur who often makes it to best dressed lists by life-style magazines, created a buzz with her online gifting service, Cherry Tin. Everything from dried fruit to home, bath and body accessories was available and the brand earned a reputation for its professional packing and customer service.