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About Us

Often known as the ‘New School of Wedding Planning’, Baraati Inc. is a team of dedicated, creative and eclectic wedding planners. With a goal to reinvent the art of wedding planning, we infuse our management-based approach with a rare understanding of traditions and finer elements of an Indian wedding. We work closely with each couple and their families to orchestrate a wedding that surpasses their dreams. From coming up with creative and personalized entertainment and decor concepts to ensuring an amazing on-ground service, we do it all! Dance, music, and drama are all in our DNA! With a knack for perfection and an unmatched passion, we craft weddings that don’t just celebrate love but also narrate a unique story of two. Many stand witnesses to the ‘Baraati takda’ that gifted them a chest of treasured memories! Further, we also have a budget-friendly planner-on-call service! We're all ears for 14 hours a week - you could experience the power of Baraati magic from anywhere, in any timeline!

Our Services
Full Wedding Planning

By reinventing the art of wedding planning, infusing management-based approach, we have a rare understanding of traditions and finer elements of an Indian wedding. This allows us to deliver a creatively and emotionally fulfilling wedding experience. To add a unique personal touch, every wedding is designed and conceptualized in keeping with the ethos and expectations of the couple. 

On-ground Management

Baraati Inc offers on-ground management as a highly personalized service, where it’s all about the ideal flow and flawless synchronization of the event on-ground. By taking care of key management aspects, we ensure seamless running of the show on actual day of the wedding and work to ease away your stress.

Choreography and Live Entertainment Production

Choreography and live entertainment is something ingrained into the very DNA of Baraati Inc. We relate to dance and music as something which captures the very essence of Indian weddings and design and conceptualize unique choreographies for each of the occasions. This is something where we feel at home and are ‘in the zone,’ if we might say so!

Baraati Planner-On-Call

We invite you to script the future of wedding planning with us! Choose all-unique customizations for your big day, for any budget, from anywhere, in any timeline. Experience the power of Baraati magic at work as we turn your wedding into a truly once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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The Team
Shweta Acharya

Shweta is known for speaking openly and honestly and possesses all the attributes of a true leader. A perfectionist by nature, she takes it upon herself to ensure relationships with clients and vendors alike remain transparent & hearty.

Swati Sharma

Not always endeared by her audience, Swati is the one feeling the pain behind a client's problems, thus helping find solutions that are client centric. Not one for the mushy, she believes in doing things differently! 

Shikha Chauhan

Shikha is always bubbly yet gentle, communicating well with any and everyone. Lover of all things cute, happy & cheesy (both kinds), she's all for making weddings personal and dreamy. Not to be mistaken to be too soft, she actually does possess a "Sonic Scream"! 

Alaap Dayal

Alaap is the creator of the trio's desire to pursue their passion. He saw that his three best friends might be the embodiment of The Powerpuff Girls for Indian Weddings- with traits of sugar, spice & everything nice giving them an innate aspiration to clean up the corrupt ways of the industry!

Customer Reviews

"Baraati Inc runs a super tight ship with intense level of detailing , which we loved!" 

-Mahima & Harsh

“If you want the momentous moment of your life to be the most cherished one, Baraati Inc. is your ONLY option.” 


“They acted like extended family members and made sure we didn't have to worry about anything”


"If there is a crisis, they know how to handle it and save the day!"

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