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Manage RSVPs, Guest Communication & Hospitality for Any occasion

Streamline planning & guest communication

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RSVP Manager
₹ 4,999*

Integrated with your website

Available for any occasion

Customize RSVP form with travel, stay & meal details

Share event details, gift registry, RSVP form with guests

Track RSVPs & assign stay via App

Host & guest version of app

Guests can buy a gift from registry, share photos, send audio/video messages

*GST Additional
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RSVP Manager -
coordination made

Customise RSVP form with travel details, stay & food preferences

Manage guest list and track RSVPs via App

Streamline communication with guests

Send personalised reminders

Assign stay to outstation guests

Generate & share reports to ease coordination

Let guests buy a gift, share photos or leave audio/video messages in Guestbook

Download RSVPs and Guestbook

Why Everyone RSVP Manager

Ramya & Akshay

Ramya & Akshay

We had a destination wedding with guests from all over the country. The App helped us manage our guests’ stay and transport seamlessly
M V Subbiah

M V Subbiah

We used the RSVP Manager app to streamline guest communication for my 80th birthday celebrations. Custom emails & forms made it easy to track responses and assign transport & accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a host and a guest version, RSVP Manager is an all-in-one app that lets you manage guest hospitality and communications. When planning an event, guest logistics are the hardest part to manage and RSVP Manager makes this easy. Start by customizing your RSVP form and uploading your guest list. Let the app help you assign rooms, send notifications and view/download RSVPs with just a click. The host can also share wedding details, send reminders, upload photos, track gifts and view messages from guests. Guests on the other hand can view wedding details, buy a gift, upload photos, RSVP and leave text, audio & video messages for the host. It is like a one-stop destination relevant to any kind of celebration.
The RSVP Manager is perfect for weddings, which have a huge guest list. It is also ideal for other celebrations with guests- weddings, birthdays, baby showers, housewarming or anniversaries!
To download the App, you have to sign up on Wedding Wishlist and create a website. Once you have created your website, you get the option of purchasing the RSVP manager. When you make the payment and enable it, the App becomes live. You can choose to enable the host version or guest version, or both.
RSVP Manager is a Progressive App, or the next generation of apps! You don’t need to download it from anywhere. Simply purchase the RSVP manager and enable the guest version of the App. When you share your website and a guest clicks on your unique URL, they are prompted with a message that asks them to add it to the homescreen. As soon as they do that, the icon is saved on their phone. It takes up practically zero storage on their device.
Being a progressive App, it takes up zero storage on one’s phone. It just bookmarks the site on the users phone, making it very easy to download, store and use.
The App is priced at ₹4,999. Post purchase, there is no limit to the number of guests you share the app with.
The RSVP Manager works in conjunction with the website, and in order to use it, it is essential that you create a website. However, you can choose to share as much or as little information on the website as you want.
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