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All The Benefits Of Creating A Gift Registry On Wedding Wishlist

See How It Works
wedding-benefits-Add From Anywhere

Add From Anywhere

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website? Add gifts from your any online store to your registry.

wedding-benefits-Gift & Gift Card

Gift & Gift Card

Choose from a curated selection of furniture, appliances, charities, gift cards and more…



Have everything you need? Add a holiday, adventure or spa treatment to your registry!

wedding-benefits-Cash Gift

Cash Gift

Unsure of what you want? Create a cash fund where your guests can contribute any amount they like.

wedding-benefits-Free Anytime Delivery

Free Anytime Delivery

Moving cities post the wedding? Want your gifts after the honeymoon? We deliver when and where you want for free!

wedding-benefits-Group Gift

Group Gift

Added something costly to your registry? Give your guests the option of pooling in together to get it for you.



Allow guests to contribute as much or as little to a gift of their choice. We’ll let you know when the gift is purchased.

wedding-benefits-Free Website

Free Website

Integrate your registry with a free custom website or app and share your story, function details & more.



Have your guests sign your registry guestbook and get all the wishes compiled and sent to you.

wedding-benefits-Invite Partner

Invite Partner

Your gifts will become a part of your new life. Invite your partner and work on your registry together.

wedding-benefits-Nominate Friend

Nominate Friend

Short on time? Nominate a friend or family member to manage your registry for you.

wedding-benefits-Assisted Sharing

Assisted Sharing

Too busy to send reminders to guests? Just give us your guest list and our team will follow up with them.

wedding-benefits-Gift Tracker

Gift Tracker

Never lose track of what your guests gave you. We’ll send you a list of every purchase and message.

wedding-benefits-Flexi Closing

Flexi Closing

Have friends who are too lazy to get you something until after the big day? Keep your registry open for as long as you like!

wedding-benefits-Thankyou Note

Thankyou Note

Want to thank all your guests who got you a wedding present? We’ll send them thank you cards for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a service for couples getting married where they can create a list of gifts they would like to receive on their wedding. This helps guests choose a gift in their budget that the couple will love. They can buy or contribute towards any gift from the couple’s registry.
You can choose from a wide selection of furniture, appliances, tableware, holidays, gift cards and more. Couples also have the option of adding gifts from other online sites, creating a cash gift or adding charities to their registry.
When adding products that are not a part of the Wedding Wishlist catalogue, there is a 7% commision charged towards shipping and fulfiment. This is included in the product price that is displayed.
In this situation, we provide you three options,
1. You can complete the purchase by contributing the remaining amount which is needed to purchase the gift.
2. You can transfer/distribute the amount to other gifts existing on your registry or you can add new items to your registry from our existing catalog or from other websites and complete the purchase.
3. You can also convert the contributed amount to a Wedding Wishlist gift card which you can use to purchase gifts for yourself later from our catalog or contribute to any of your friend's gift registry in Wedding Wishlist
Yes, surprising as it may sound, the registry is absolutely free. All you have to do is create your gift list and share with guests. We will coordinate, wrap and deliver the gifts to you at zero cost. However, there is a comission charged on gifts added from external websites, cash and charity registry.
Absolutely. You specify when and where you want your gifts delivered, and we make sure it happens. With gifts delivered directly to you, your guests can enjoy your wedding hands-free.
It’s really simple—just add a cash gift to your registry. Your guests can contribute any amount they like via online payments. We notify you each time there is a contribution, and transfer the funds to your account as per your preference.

Why Couples Wedding Wishlist

“With you get what you want! You don't end up getting all these dinner sets, which we definitely don't want."
"Gowtham & Sudha’s website was seamless and it was really easy to buy a gift from their registry."
Love the benefits? Create your registry now!

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