Artee Mate

Photography & Videography, Bangalore

Artee-Mate Studios is a fully-owned subsidiary of SAM Photography. At ArteeMate, we specialize in high-end Candid and Conventional Wedding Photography as well as Creative HD Video coverage where we strive to create timeless memories at the perfect moment in the perfect place. We deliver the best output among the candid, Pre-Wedding Photography, and Full HD Video, Cinematography incorporating flying drones, cranes, jimmy jibs, etc

How many years of experience do you have?
>5 Years
How much do you charge for a Candid photography?
INR 30000
What is your payment policy?
Takes 50% Advance
How much do you charge for a Post-wedding photo shoot?
INR 10000
What does your typical package include?
Pre-wedding shoot cost per day
INR 15000
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