Sweet Mantra

Wedding Cakes, Pune

Sweet Mantra is a popular bakery from Pune which has been providing its clients with remarkable wedding and engagement cakes. They have a specialized range of fondant and tier cakes which are highly in demand these days for the wedding celebrations. They also provide delivery options to their clients and you can also choose from a range of flavors and designs or order customized cakes for your weddings.

Wedding and Engagement are once in a lifetime occasion. How about a customized designer cake to make the day even more special and memorable! We personally work with the bride and groom to make a designer wedding, engagement cake design that reflects their personality. Whether it is their profession, common interests or a background of how they met.

At Sweet Mantra, we give utmost attention to every single detail. We refer to pictures of engagement ring box, bride and groom to make their edible 3D figures. Not only do our tiered wedding and engagement cakes look spectacular, they taste equally good too. And guess what? You can also preserve our edible figures as a souvenir for atleast a year!!

What flavors do you offer?
Chocolate, Orange, Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Strawberry, Pineapple etc..
Do you deliver to the venue?
Do you create bespoke cakes based on design ideas shared by clients?
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