The Confiserie

Wedding Cakes, Kolkata

After a lot of encouragement by friends and family I have finally decided to turn my passion for cake baking and cake decorating into my profession. Yes I have finally decided to open my own bakery and named my venture, “The Confiserie” , which means the confectionary in French.

Here at Confiserie, my cakes are made purely out of love for baking and creating beautiful pieces of art rather than turning out a profit. For me, each cake that I bake is a chance to make people smile by satisfying their cravings and each baked cake is a blank canvas where I can release my creative instincts and let my imagination create beautiful pieces of edible art. For me each day of baking, cooking and fulfilling the food urges of people around me is a day of celebration and utter joy. I believe that people just don’t eat with their mouth, but also their mind, eyes, nose and all the other senses. Therefore each of my products will always be visually appealing and drool worthy. But most important they are made with so much love, care and passion they turn out to be extremely rich, decadent, delicious and sinful!

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