Aditi & Bryan

“Marriage makes you think of the other person before you. It teaches how to love better, be patient, kind and continue to have fun”

Having tied the knot on 16th Jan 2018 Aditi and Bryan are all set to do up their new home with all the wedding gifts they received. Gifts that are useful yet beautiful.

The story of Aditi & Bryan

The story of Aditi & Bryan

“I am keen to decorate our house and fill it up with the essentials we need. Having a wedding gift registry made it so simple!”

Aditi, an art entrepreneur and Bryan, a social entrepreneur  met through a mutual friend at a club.

Wedding Gift Registry - Aditi & Bryan

Wedding Gift Registry – Aditi & Bryan

“Bryan impressed me with his dancing skills and we Hi-Fived. Later that night, the whole group went for dinner. Everyone was talking in Hindi. So I asked them to talk in English so he could understand. Bryan found that sweet and thanked me the next day through an Facebook message.  Therefore, we became great friends, had a lot of fun together.”

Fast forward to January 2018 and we know they’ve created a bond, strong enough to last their whole life.

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