20 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Indians

Gone are the days of paisley motifs, religious symbols and floral designs, it is 2019 and couples today are setting new trends with creative and unique wedding invitation ideas.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Indian Wedding Invitation Ideas

Here are some wedding invitation ideas that you definitely should consider while planning your wedding.

#1 Caricatures

Move over peacocks and make way for caricatures. It is the biggest trend of the wedding season and instantly ups the fun and quirk quotients to your wedding stationery. You can also add caricatures of the entire family and make it more colourful.

Designed by Pathrika

#2 Comic Strips

Tell your love story through your wedding card in a comic strip format. Do not forget to add a dash of humour and lots of love.

Designed by Ponz Happy Life Designs

#3 Jigsaw Puzzle

They say that finding love is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle that completes your life. These unique wedding invitations totally symbolise the saying.

Designed by Kaagaz Card Boutique

Designed by Radhika Pitti Studio

#4 Pull-out Card

Who said wedding invitations cannot be fun and animated? Check out this pull-out card with bride and groom caricatures.

Designed by Pathrika

#5 Pop-up Card

Instead of going for a common flap wedding card, opt for a pop-up card to add a little element of surprise. It will surely bring a smile on the faces of your guests. The wedding invitation idea below completely stole our hearts with caricature pop-ups.

Designed by Ravish Kapoor

#6 Board games

A wedding card that is a board game – this has to the wedding invitation idea of the year. A chess board wedding invitation designed for a chess champion’s wedding is only apt.

Designed by Puneet Gupta Invitations

Forget Monopoly, try Monogamy this year.

Designed by Pink Whistle Man

#7 Chalkboard

From sign boards to wedding invitations, chalkboards are trending all the way. They are simple yet modern. For the couples who like to break the rules and try something unique, chalkboard invitations are perfect.

Designed by Puneet Gupta Invitations

#8 Wedding Destination Theme Card

When it comes to choosing a destination for a wedding, couples are open to exploring different corners of the world. Bring out the charm of your chosen destination on your wedding card and make it unique.

Designed by Ravish Kapoor

#9 Boarding Pass

These boarding pass wedding invitations are absolutely perfect for a destination wedding.

Designed by Kards

Inspired by Dil Dhadakne Do, this Indian couple had a cruise wedding spread across 3 countries. They opted for boarding pass wedding invitation idea and got their wedding stationery designed as per the theme.

Designed by Puneet Gupta Invitations

#10 Vintage

There is something charming about vintage designs that it continues to remain one of the favourite themes for weddings. It is classic, pretty and stylish. Add a wax seal to your envelope to complete the vintage look.  

Designed by Sketch Design Studio

Designed by Create a Flutter

#11 Lace

Lace wedding invitation idea for the couples who like to keep it minimal, yet classy. You can never go wrong with delicate and beautiful lace. Be it a paper lace or a fabric lace, it adds elegance to your wedding invitation.

Designed by Radhika Pitti Studio

#12 Beach box

If you are planning a beach wedding, beach theme wedding invitation idea is perfect to set the mood for your guests. Nothing says beach like a bottle of sand, some pearls and seashells. We cannot get over how lovely the colour palette of this invitation is.

Designed by Create a Flutter

13. Movie Theme Wedding Invitation

If you are a Potterhead or a hardcore Bollywood fan, these wedding invitation ideas will blow your mind. How cool are these Harry Potter and Sholay wedding invitations? Do not miss out on the perfectly drafted messages. These make for the perfect wedding invitations for couples who like to Netflix and chill.

Designed by Radhika Pitti Studio

Designed by Turmeric Ink

#14 Postcards

Postcards may be out of fashion but postcard wedding invitations are totally in. For the modern couples who love the old world charm, this wedding invitation idea is unique and lovely.

Designed by Create a Flutter

#15 Life Sentence

This wedding invitation idea is for those hatke couples who have decided to take an oath and become partners in crime for life.  

Designed by Pink Whistle Man

#16 Newspaper

There is no better way to announce the biggest breaking news of your life than a newspaper. You can make it fun with quirky news articles and puzzles.

Designed by Kards

#17 Match Box

For the couple that is a perfect match for each other (pun intended). This will surely crack up your guests and make you the talk of the town for days to come

Designed by Pink Whistle Man

#18 Playing Cards

Playing cards not only make for a fun part of the wedding stationery but also a cool wedding invitation idea. If you plan to have a casino theme party at your wedding, there is no better invitation idea than playing cards.


Designed by Pixie Dust Designs

#19 Video Invitations

With people on their phones most of the time,  a video invitation makes for one of the unique ways to invite your guests.


Designed by Turmeric Ink

#20 Wooden Plank

Ditch papers and opt for a wooden plank for your wedding invitation. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but it also adds a royal touch to your invitation.

Designed by Turmeric Ink

There is no limit to creativity and you can always mix and match the above wedding invitation ideas to suit your needs. Take a look at some of the templates Wedding Wishlist has to offer.

Be it video, animated or in regional language, get your digital wedding invitation in minutes with Wedding Wishlist.


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