11 Amazing Indian Wedding Blogs for You to Get Inspired By!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. So for once, don’t just wing it, rather plan it. Take some time. Think about all the small things and celebrate your wedding in a way that only you would. What you need is some inspiration and thankfully because of the internet, you are blessed with wedding blogs to get all sorts of inspiration. In fact, some of you may argue that there are just too many wedding blogs out there.

Wedding Blogs
Wedding Blogs

So, here are some rare gems brought to you by yours truly!

#1. Marry Me’s- The Indian Wedding Blog

Marry Me- The Wedding Blog
Marry Me- The Wedding Blog

Wedding planners cum floral design company cum bloggers- Marry Me knows its weddings. Check out the blogs ‘Top 10 Tips’ and you will find the inspiration that you are looking for. It’s fun and quirky content that’s well organized and easy to sift through. Also, their wedding blogs are mostly wedding planning focused and they cover even the smallest element of planning. In fact, they even have an article on the kind of decorations you can do for your wedding transport. To sum up they have everything covered in the planning base!

#2. Madrasi Bride

Madrasi Bride
Madrasi Bride

This is one of those rare cases where it’s better not to go by the name itself. Madrasi Bride has a great blog that’s called ‘Wedding Stories’. If you spend about 15 minutes going through the blog, you will be pleasantly surprised by the broad topics that are covered by them. They cover a broader range of topics and do not limit themselves to weddings. Although covering wedding trends and planning advice is still their focus, they also give relationship advice in some articles. They cover a broad range of topics from why use wedding hashtags to how to have a good relationship with your M-I-L.

#3. The Maharani Diaries

The Maharani Diaries
The Maharani Diaries

If you’re an Indian getting married in Australia then be sure to visit the Maharani Diaries Blog. Their main motto is to make you embrace the inner Maharani in you. Their wedding directory will help you a lot & their blogs feature some of the best Indian weddings in the country. By featuring cake decorators and vendors where you can find traditional designs, they’ll definitely help you throw the big fat Indian wedding abroad!

#4. Indian Wedding Site

Indian Wedding Site
Indian Wedding Site

It is one of the more comprehensive Indian wedding blogs out there. All the content is very nicely organized and separated into four main topics: Fashion, Planning, Idea & Real Weddings. You can probably find all the inspiration that you need in the Indian Wedding Site itself. It’s so, so vast. They cover each aspect of a wedding, be it planning, fashion, or even relationship advice with your vendors, they cover just about everything!

#5. Weddingplz


Never judge a book by its cover, right? So never judge a blog by its name. Weddingplz is a different Indian wedding blog that focuses on a few niche topics. Browse through the blog and you will come across cherry-picked bridal fashion blogs with a mix of wedding & relationship stories. There’s a nice mix of content here. If you’re looking for wedding blogs that are couple story and fashion-centric then this is your diamond in the rough!

#6. Wedding magazine

Wedding magazine
Wedding magazine

It is a complete wedding blog that has everything- right from how to plan a wedding to vendor contact details. There’s one particular section in this blog that should immediately catch your eye. Unlike many other wedding blogs, Wedding Magazine has a ‘Ritual’ section which, as the name says, has a collection of wedding blogs on the diverse Indian wedding rituals. It’s nice to see somebody still focusing on traditional rituals in this modern world. From wedding inspiration from celebs to how to pick your vendors this blog will give all the advice you need for a perfect wedding!

#7. Frugal2fab


Crazy about Indian wedding fashion & willing to be exposed to some extravagant ideas? Head to Frugal2fab immediately. It’s a very well-designed blog that literally has all the information that you need about wedding shopping in India- right from the brands to the location to the price ranges. And there’s even a completely separate section for all the celebrity wedding gossip that you so crave. Also, for all you Delhiites out there this blog comes as a blessing as it has very focused articles on shopping in particular areas like Haus Khas, Chandni Chowk etc.

#8. Maharani Weddings

Maharani Weddings
Maharani Weddings

It is one of the coolest and personalized Indian wedding blogs. In Maharani Weddings, you will come across articles of real-life couple stories with beautifully shot pictures in scenic wedding locations in India. If not anything else, you will definitely remember to hire a great photographer for the wedding. Also, if you’re an NRI getting married abroad, this could be your go-to blog. With focused guides and beautiful wedding stories this blog will definitely be up your speed.

#9. Peaches & Blush

Peaches & Blush
Peaches & Blush

Head to the ‘Bridal’ section of Peaches & Blush and you will not be disappointed. Browse through some truly unique bridal fashion content. Although bridal fashion is a very generic topic, somehow, through great topic selection the ‘Bridal’ section of Peaches & Blush is filled with new and exciting content always. With its focus on mainly fashion and make-up articles, they have some great tips inspired by even Celebrity makeup artists!

#10. The Delhi Bride

The Delhi Bride
The Delhi Bride

While The Delhi Bride does have the occasional wedding fashion blog post, there’s a lot of content that focuses on the bride & bridegroom relationship. although the name might lead you to believe that the blog will only be related to weddings, it actually has a lot to do with marriage. It even has a pregnancy guide and weight loss guide. It gives you a unique perspective into wedding and marriage-related issues and what’s really nice to see is that it’s brutally honest. Like no holds barred honesty. So if you can handle that, there’s a lot of great content that’s waiting for your hungry eyes.

#11. BookEventz


Need some new ideas for your ‘Happily Ever After’? Bookeventz is the place you’re looking for. Their content is well organized, updated with time, and covers all the broad topics you worry about on your wedding day. Other than weddings they also have good inputs for corporate events, cocktail parties, and birthdays. Isn’t that a complete package?

They also have a website where you can get all types of vendors needed for an event ranging from venues to bridal makeup artists, wedding photographers, mehndi artists, caterers, and many more to ensure you have a successful event. So be it a social or corporate event – Share your Enquiry, shortlist your BookEventZ venues and get the best deal for your event i.e. Search. Book. Relax

A wedding is a very personal affair and that’s how it should be. The most important thing to get right in a wedding is not the planning, not the honeymoon, and not the attire, it’s perfecting the act of getting both the families together and merging them into one big family. Hopefully one of these wedding blogs gets your creative juices flowing and gives you amazing wedding ideas!

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