Conscious Wedding Trends Every Couple Needs To Adopt For Their Wedding

Things have changed significantly in 2023, and today, not considering the environment when getting married is simply not cool! Thoughtful celebrations are leading the way for millennials, all of whom want weddings that are not just great fun but also great for the world that we live in. And if not great, at least as conscious as they can make it! So if you’re getting married soon and are looking at easy and innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your celebration and make it waste-free, read on for some brilliantly simple ideas.

Invite smart 

Literally, the simplest thing to start with, e-invites are not just a great way of saving a ton of money, but they’re also great for the environment. Printed invites are a thing of the past because they are extremely expensive, use up a lot of paper and are a nightmare with logistics. To have a thoughtful celebration, go for a beautiful e-invite. You can change the details if needed, can send them to everyone with a click of a button and they’re easy for your guests to access. It’s a win all round. 

Go vocal for local

Another great way of reducing your carbon footprint is to opt for local wherever possible. Say no to exotic flowers that have to be flown in from across the world, and source the local specialty. When deciding on cuisine, try and keep it rich in ingredients that are grown in and around your city. 

Say no to plastics 

This one’s not just a rule for weddings, but also for life! Try and avoid single-use plastics as much as possible, and replace them with metal, wood or other less harmful alternatives. Keep disposables to a minimum, be it water bottles or containers for any food items 

Create opportunities 

There are so many things you need done for your wedding, and employing local women is a great way to get these done. Find artisan clusters around you and source your wedding favours from them. Get women from a nearby village to help you pack and plan details. All these small acts will generate employment and offer opportunities to those who don’t usually have it. 

Do a gift registry

This is the best way of minimising waste at a wedding. Not many of us realise this, but the biggest waste generated at weddings is in the form of wedding gifts.

Tie up with a food donation company

. Tie up with an NGO that will collect the remaining food and distribute it with those in need. What could be better than having the underprivileged be a part of your wedding feast. 

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