10 Best High End Wedding Gift Ideas For Bride And Groom

Looking for high-end wedding gift ideas for a couple? Look no further as we have compiled a list of 2019s best luxury gifts! They’re exclusive, useful, beautiful and guaranteed to receive some serious love from the couple.

So read on to add them to your list of wedding gift ideas

#1 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Speakers may seem like a clichéd wedding gift idea, with every brand (good or bad) taking out its own Bluetooth version. But if you truly want to give the couple something that’s as beautiful as it is brilliantly crafted then you don’t need to look further. Bang & Olufsen is synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. And they turn their gadgets into a piece of art. Available in a variety of classic colours and designs, you will be left spoilt for choice. Take your pick from their delectable collection and be assured that this gift will be loved and cherished!

#2 Portrait commission

Combining the 2 most classic instances of luxury, art and customization, here’s one of the wedding gifts idea that will probably be cherished for generations. Get the couple a session with a well-known artist who can paint their portrait. This gift is regal, personalised and is sure to get a prized place the couple’s home. Not sure how to get this organized? Contact your favourite art gallery and ask the curator to suggest a good portrait artist. You can have this framed and presented to the couple.

#3 Bespoke Perfume

Perfumes are often presented as wedding gifts. But to truly make it high-end, get the couple a scent that is customized to their personality and preference. There are a range of brands in India that now create custom fragrances based on a person’s choice of ingredients and their character, resulting in a scent that is unique to them. Perfumers spend time with the clients to understand their taste and create something bespoke for each individual. What’s even better is that you can have the bottle customized with their name. You can explore this area further and even add scented notebooks or stationery to the gift.

#4 Wine Accessories

Timeless and chic, wine accessories are an evergreen wedding gift. Not only are they functional and useful but also a statement piece for any home or bar. From a hi-tech wine preserver to a gilded corkscrew, the options to choose from are unlimited. If you’re really looking to up your gifting game, a home-size wine cooler will make a fabulous wedding gift idea for any couple. Post the wedding, these will come in handy when the couple entertains.

#5 Crystal Barware

While on the subject of entertaining, you can never go wrong with fine crystals for a wedding gift. From a beveled decanter to a set of fine whisky glasses, these gifts are classic. They’re used for decades and passed down generations. Plus, any gifts that help the couple entertain is making sure their celebrations don’t end any time soon. And what could be a better choice of gift than that!

#6 Hotel Membership

Now here’s an idea that is truly cool. Get the couple a membership to a luxury hotel chain that they enjoy. With yearly memberships, they will get to enjoy perks like free night stays, discounted meals, complementary spa packages and so much more. It’s something they’ll use through the year every time they want a break, and think of you when they do. All leading hotel chains in the country offer such deals so you can choose one that works best with their lifestyle.

#7 Coffee Maker

No, we’re not talking about any old coffee maker but a really slick new age machine that knows how to create magic with caffeine. Be it the all-famous Nespresso, a bean-to-cup Jura or a beautifully designed KitchenAid, the choices are plenty. Choose a good one so you can gift the couple a lifetime of fresh, aromatic and energized mornings.

#8 Kitchen Appliances

If you’re thinking of frying pans or kettles, then we’re definitely not on the same page with this one. For a couple moving into a new home, there are many slick and useful gadgets that will make their life in the kitchen much easier. If they like baking, opt for a KitchenAid cake mixer. For the health-conscious couple, nothing makes for a better gift that a Vitamix blender. And for those who are truly stars in the kitchen, a food thermometer or a sous vide tool would be a great choice.

#9 Holiday

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this idea. Gift the couple an experience you know they’ll enjoy—and curate it completely so they have nothing to stress about. From a coffee plantation tour in Coorg to a cycling holiday in Tuscany, the options here are unlimited. Depending on your budget and the couple’s interest, curate an experience they will love, and gift it to them on their wedding.

#10 Cashmere

Be it a robe or a throw, this luxurious fabric lends itself beautifully to the world of gifting. And the best part about these gifts is that they are very unlikely to be something the couple buys for themselves. However, once they start using it, addictive is the only way to describe how they’ll feel. If you want to get some extra points for your gift choice, have the cashmere monogrammed. It’s going to be the ultimate snuggly wedding gift idea that the could will absolutely love.

Find something that works for your requirement? Well, if you can’t, then you know the answer already. Ask the couple to create a gift registry so whatever gift you choose to get, you know it will be one that is treasured by them. The couple can create their wedding gift registry at weddingwishlist.com

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