Traditional Wedding Gifts That Must Make It to Your Registry

If you’re getting married anytime soon, the one trend you need to hop on to is that of a wedding gift registry. The most logical thing for couples to do, a registry that helps you get exactly what you want for your new life. However, while the concept is new-age and modern, sometimes the best thing to add to your registry are traditional wedding gifts. These are time-tested gift options that you get on your special day, which serve as memories for a lifetime.

So if you’re creating your wedding gift registry soon, here are some of the best wedding gifts for a traditional celebration. 

#1. Silverware:

Yes, every couple that gets married in India is showered with silver items on their wedding day. Because they have lasting value, and are easy to gift, silver makes for a popular choice among guests. And while a silver soap dish may not make for the most exciting gift, some selective silverware can elevate your dining table’s look and feel significantly. From elegant platters to a complete dinner set, based on your guests’ budget, make sure you add some to your registry. 


These traditional garments are not only gorgeous but also a treasure to keep over the years. Adding a few classic weaves like a Benarsi or Kanjeewaram sari to your gift registry is a great idea as these saris never go out of fashion, fit you irrespective of size fluctuations and always look stunning. Plus they’re expensive and you may not end up buying them later. 


Which bride does not like jewellery? Most family elders like to gift the couple a piece of jewellery that they can cherish and wear for years. So even if you aren’t big on the bling, do make sure to add some pieces to your registry. They’ll build your collection and are a great investment for the future. 


From Madhubani to Tanjore paintings and traditional sculptures to antiques, art is an excellent traditional wedding gift idea. They will elevate the look of your new home in an instant, have timeless appeal and good pieces are expensive and hard to come by. So make sure you add some to your gift registry.


One of the best wedding gifts for traditional celebrations are shawls. From tush to pashmina and a plethora of beautiful weaves, these traditional treasures make for a great wedding gift. Add a selection of pretty options to your registry and we’re sure you’ll be thankful for them later. 


Who doesn’t love cash? And in Indian weddings, cash has always been the most favoured gift from loved ones, as most guests feel it would be useful to the couple starting their new life together. While gifts lead to memories that are irreplicable, cash offers flexibility and helps you build a little nest egg. So make sure you add a cash gift to your wedding gift registry.

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