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“Expression of emotions during weddings makes for very good images”

Bat an eyelid and your wedding goes by. Time races with all the flurry of activity and you rarely get a chance to savor every moment. What you can get, however, are beautiful pictures that take you back to your special day.  Ace wedding photographer, Nayan Shah of Bombay Paparazzi,  gets candid with us about the secret behind the most stunning wedding pictures. From common faux pas to what to look for in wedding photographers, he’s got the inside info on it all.

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What is that one truth that couples need to know while working with wedding photographers?

Couples should understand the team capacity of any photographer or company. If their team is in place, they will deliver the right kind of images. Couples should also not forget to enjoy their wedding that is the most important aspect of beautiful images. The bride and groom should interact, steal a smile, look into each other eyes; basically, couples should express their purest form of love on the wedding day.  Expression of emotions makes for very good images.

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Bombay paparazzi – Candid Photography

What are the common faux pas couples make while looking for a photographer?

Couples usually finalize on a photographer based on 10 to 15 candid images they see of the couple. A complete set of images made by a candid photographer, a traditional photographer and traditional video of the same wedding should be the ideal deciding factor. With this, they will have a clear idea of the photographer’s or team’s work and their capabilities.

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Pre-wedding shoots by Bombay Paparazzi

What are the 3 things to never compromise on while choosing a photographer?

They should never compromise on the below 3 things while choosing a photography and video team

  • No. of photographers and teammates – If coverage is an important aspect of your wedding, then always keep 1 extra photographer for the uncles and aunts. Do not expect the creative or candid photographer to do traditional pictures.
  • Camera equipment and lenses – Though we know, good images are not made by gears, but by the photographers, certain lenses do help in making beautiful images if used in the right situation.
  • Quality of photo book- Ask for the best quality of pages and binding.

Having shot so many weddings, which one is your personal favourite and why?

Every wedding is special for us. We treat every project as a special one, just like the bride and groom feel on their wedding day. This helps us deliver quality work.

Having started his career in 2010, Nayan Shah turned into a freelancer in 2011. Having started Bombay Paparazzi in 2014, he, along with his team of 8 photographers captures weddings all over the country.