Wedding Decor Simplified

What sets your wedding apart from the rest of the worlds is that hint of personalized touch, the mix of glamour and authenticity, and a whole lot of fun. While there are so many planners out there who may give you the best wedding possible – it all lies in your hands.

So, here’s looking at some crazy, some mellow and some outright different ideas that will make your wedding decor the next big thing in the circle.

Tassel garlands

Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas

Remember when you were kids and you used to make different crafts with tassels – paper or otherwise? Bring back your childhood with sating or paper tassels, decorating the venue with the tassels either spread out in long wires or in garlands covering small stretches. If you have an outdoor venue, they will play in the air giving an overall cheery looking, and thus increasing the positive vibes of the place.

Mason jar table lanterns

How pretty do small lights look and magically transform the ambiance into something soft, warm and even romantic? Give your wedding the edge by placing small lanterns in mason jars that you can put on guest tables for dinner. It plays on the idea that if candlelight dinners are supposed to be romantic, how beautiful a celebration would it be to hold candlelight dinners on a massive scale?

Photo fair

Take them down the memory lane

Take them down the memory lane

Have a lot of family photos? Put them on display to create a fun, friendly and family environment. Best way to get to know both the families is by displaying various family photos from both the groom and the bride’s sides. That way, the ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding will also be present amidst the entire family on a day when love and appreciation for the family are at its highest.

Funny signs

Whether it is signs like Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right chairs or signs that say Surname Stealers, weddings are all about pulling each other’s leg, and drawing a chuckle or two. Get creative with humorous signs that will up the ante and give fun a new twist.

Cupcake tree

Your wedding cake may be as glamorous as you want, but how about cute little cupcake trees stacked in your wedding. Apart from the fact that they’re edible, they will add to the endearing quality of your wedding. Because who can ever say no to a miniature teeny-tiny adorable cupcake?

Go crazy with any of these ideas and make it a moment to remember, which is as pretty as a picture.

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