These days, sticking to a Keto diet is easier than sticking to your wedding budget. No matter how much planning you do, there will always be that one (or many)
unforeseen expense that’ll crop up eventually.
But don’t let that stress you out. With our list of the following unforeseen wedding expenses, you can be prepared with an all-encompassing budget!

Dhol baje, par Tip bhi barse!


In other words, for the dhol walas to keep playing, you’ve got to keep tipping them! Besides, which wedding is complete without a prolonged jam session to some dhol beats, are we right?

When your vendors have got to eat, they’ve got to eat!


This is an unforeseen wedding expense that is perhaps missed by almost everybody…until the day of the wedding, that is. Oftentimes, vendors like DJs, photographers and your guests’ drivers spend the entire day at the wedding, meaning that they’ve got to be fed too! Even if it’s not mentioned in their contracts, this is definitely something that you should account for beforehand.



Sometimes your ‘pre-wedding getting in shape’ regime may have unexpected results. The dress that fit you 3 weeks ago may no longer do so. It’s for this reason that alterations sometimes end up being as last minute as they can get. Accounting for an unforeseen wedding expense such as this one will no doubt save you from a lot of unforeseen stress!

Goods and Services Tax

Yes, we know that you’re probably sick of hearing about the GST by now. But have you accounted for the GST you’ll be shelling out in preparation for and on the day of your wedding? If you haven’t then you probably should, because this will probably amount to a sizeable sum of moolah.

Overtime Fees


It’s no surprise that your photographers might end up working overtime. Why should it be a surprise to your budget then? When budgeting for your wedding, don’t forget to account for overtime fees for every vendor, just in case!

Courier charges

For some, this may be a no-brainer, but for others, this ends up becoming an expense that was never included in the wedding budget. You’ve got to courier all those wedding invites for your guests to show up.. so don’t forget to account for the courier charges!

Transportation costs for out of station relatives

This one is self-explanatory, yet an unforeseen wedding expense that many end up missing out on. Don’t be one of the many!

Rest assured, with our list of unforeseen wedding expenses, you are one step closing to planning the perfect wedding! What other unforeseen wedding expenses come to mind? Tell us in the comments below!