Make Your Wedding Memorable

There are no two ways about it- your wedding will probably be one of the most memorable days of your entire life. But, there’s also another angle to it.

Mamajis, chachajis, cousins, maybe even mom’s yoga class friends- they’re all there to rejoice in you and your soul mate’s new beginning. So, how can you spice up the night and make it as fun as possible? You could always take the traditional route- open bar, DJ, dance floor etc. OR you could convert the night into an unforgettable party with these unique wedding ideas!

1. Aunty ji, aunty ji, get up and SING!

Unique wedding party ideas

Unique wedding party ideas

There’s nothing like KARAOKE! It’s hip, it’s fun and it adds that perfect zing to the night! Maybe you can even add that romantic factor to it by dedicating a song to your special one!

2. Get your funky poses out!

Unique wedding ideas

Unique wedding ideas

A funky photo booth is probably the best way to create some goofy yet fun memories for you to look back at years from now. Seeing mamaji for the first time in 5 years? Why not bond over some wacky poses in the photo booth area? Now that sounds like fun!

3. Put your dancing chappals on!

Put those comfortable party shoes on!

Put those comfortable party shoes on!

Picture this. The music is raging and so is the dance floor, but some of your guests are having mobility issues because, well, it’s quite difficult to dance in heels. Sound familiar? How about a solution that’s both fun and keeps the party going? Introducing the chappal zone, where all your friends can swap their cumbersome heels for dancing chappals (at least for while they’re on the dance floor). Now here’s something that people will definitely be talking about, even once the night is over!

4. Convert all your guests into cartoons!

Or leave it to the professional caricaturist that you hire for the night. It’s cute and gives you an opportunity to let your guests take something home from the wedding.

5. Ladkewale VS Ladki wali beer pong!

Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas

No party is ever complete without a game of beer pong, so why shouldn’t you have one at your wedding? Better still, make it a bonding session between both sides of the family by making them compete against each other!

So there you have it, these were some unique ways for you to convert your wedding into an unforgettable party.

Have any suggestions of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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