10 Gifts That You Must Add On Your Baby’s First Birthday Registry

Celebrating your baby’s big one is as exciting as it gets. You’ve been through the grind, are becoming a seasoned parent and stop worrying about the smallest of things. Your little one can now crawl or maybe walk, say a few words and start eating all the delicious things out there. It’s a big day for the parents and for the bub. So obviously you want to celebrate it with a bang. And all your loved ones want to shower the baby with love, blessings and gifts.


here are some essentials you must add to it! 

Feeding supplies

The best thing about your baby turning one is that they can now start eating salt and pretty much everything else! So as the meals become bigger, so does your need for feeding supplies. From the baby’s first spoon to insulated tiffins and sipper bottles, add them all to your registry. 

Walking aids

Your bub will also soon be taking his/her first steps (if they haven’t already) and helping them learn to walk is an important life skill and development milestone. While many doctors advice against using a traditional walker, it’s good to now invest in toys that can help them learn to stand, balance and walk. Pull along toys, sets with a handle to hold and walk, a baby trampoline and others can be useful additions to your list. 

A new wardrobe

As your little one starts becoming more mobile, they will definitely be dirtying their clothes a lot. So it’s good to buy easy-to-change clothes in their new toddler size. You’ll have so much fun dressing them up. 


Of course you probably have been buying shoes since the baby was born, but now that they have reached a walking age, this becomes more important than ever. Sneakers with a good soles, or shoes that help them walk well are essential, so invest in these. 

Bigger car seat

Your baby growing up means they’re getting bigger and your infant car seat might not suffice anymore. You will need to upgrade to a bigger model and one that allows for more comfort and space for your squirmy baby. 

Dental care

There is not much needed here until your child turns one, but post that, you need a good baby-safe toothpaste, you can graduate to a normal brush from the finger one and add other dental hygiene products to your gift registry. 

Baby proofing

Welcome to the world of utter chaos. As your adorable baby becomes more mobile, they start opening draws, bumping into edges and generally creating a mess. This is a great time to baby-proof your home. 

New books and toys

Your child now has far more cognitive skills than they did before, which means you can upgrade your toys and books to more stimulating options. Get longer story books, a ball pit for them to play in, toys with a little more complexity and more. 

A piggy bank

Some habits are best formed early, and saving is definitely right up there in the list. As your baby starts to understand what’s happening around them, get them a piggy bank and put some spare change or money into it frequently so when they grow up they understand the value of savings. 

Affirmation flash cards

Post one, babies start talking but also start understanding what’s happening around them. They pick up things really fast and this is the best time to introduce affirmations to them. Get positive affirmation flashcards and read them to your little one every day. You’ll be surprised at how much they pick up and retain from this. 

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