5 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

“The only thing more beautiful than a woman who knows what she wants is one who isn’t waiting on anybody else to get it for her” 

It’s not uncommon in India for moms to prep their daughters with a list of things they “should” know before they get married. Cooking and taking care of the house rank right up there in that list. But for every independent woman reading this, we have another list of things you MUST do before you tie the knot. And this is real! 


#1. Be a domestic goddess

Cooking, and taking care of the house! Got ya, didn’t we. Well let’s start with the age old advice that we’ve been getting all our lives. We totally agree with this one, even though our reasons for saying it are entirely different. You don’t need to know this so you can take care of your husband. But before you start building a home with someone else, you HAVE to know how to take care of one by yourself. These are basic life skills and you should make sure both you and your partner are independent and capable enough to run your home on your own. 

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#2. Be financially educated & independent

Whether you’re working full time, part time, or living off your parents, it is essential for you to have some personal savings that you can take with you. Financial independence plays a huge role in every married woman’s life, and to enter your next phase without a nest egg is never a smart move. Ideally, you should have enough savings to be able to tide over atleast 1 year of your life without any income. And then you can keep building on it from then on. 

Be in a relationship (or many)

Sounds weird. But even the princess had to kiss her frogs before she found her prince, right? You’re entering a monogamous relationship that will hopefully last the rest of your life. So before you do that, have some fun. Fall in love. Have your heart broken. And piece it right back together. These things will give you perspective, maturity and the experience to handle your relationship with your partner better. 


Travel the world (or at least get started) 

Be it a trekking holiday in the Himalayas, a European getaway or beach bumming in Goa, do a solo trip or a girls trip in the least. Travelling is a great way of exploring the world, getting to meet new people and experiencing new cultures. The more you do it, the more you grow as a person. So make sure you tick some bucket-list plans off before you tie the knot. 

Have a massive fight 

With your fiancé, that is. No solid relationship, romantic or otherwise, can work if you can’t have a good fight and get back in no time. We know courtships are all about the romance and good times, but you also have to be real. Have a fight with your fiancé and see how it goes. If you can’t really be mad at each other, how will you be madly in love?

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