5 Wedding Etiquette Rules That Will Make Your Celebration Unforgettable!

Your wedding is a day that you’re unlikely to forget for the rest of your life. But wouldn’t it be perfect if it was so special that no guest who attended would forget it either? We spend so much time, money and effort planning our wedding, but sometimes forget some basic etiquette rules that makes it extra special for guests. And these, albeit small gestures, are what are a true differentiator between a good and a great celebration. So read on and make sure you don’t forget any of these when planning your wedding. 

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Send the invitation right! 

Your wedding becomes real for guests the minute you send your wedding invitations. This is also one of the most tricky aspects of the planning as it’s easy to offend guests at this stage. Make sure you send the invitation well on time, giving guests enough time to plan. Also, make sure you send the invites in one go, so no guest feels their invite came weeks after someone else they know. Think carefully about which guests you want to hand-deliver the invites and whom you want to mail. And always call each guest to confirm the receipt of their invitation and to invite them personally on the phone. If a guest does not feel welcome at this stage, it starts the entire celebration on the wrong note for them! 

Treat vendors with respect

In all the stress of the wedding planning, it’s normal to lose your cool. Unfortunately, most of this comes out on your vendors. However, these are people who work day in and day out to make your big day extra special. And treating them badly is not going to do you any favours. Give them the time and respect they deserve, know that things don’t always go smoothly and display some patience, invite them to join your celebrations and always make sure they’re fed and taken care of. Happy vendors will go the extra mile in making sure your wedding goes just as you imagined it. 

Respect time, yours and your guest’s 

We all know about the infamous Indian standard time, but it’s not cool to keep your guests waiting for hours. Everyone takes out time to be there for your big day and it isn’t fun for a guest to leave without even seeing you because the party id delayed by hours. While some ups and downs are usual in a wedding, try and stick to the times mentioned on the invite and make sure your guests are informed if you’re expecting a big delay. 

Put some thought into your wedding favours

Everyone who attends your wedding will gift you something special. Each guest also takes out time to be part of your big day, make you feel special and shower you with blessings. So it’s only polite to give them something as a gesture. Make sure you put some thought into your wedding favors and make it meaningful and memorable for guests. 

Say thank you! 

And last but definitely not the least, make sure to send timely thank you notes to each guest who attended the wedding. This culture is not very entrenched in the Indian wedding system but it is the most beautiful way of bringing your wedding celebrations to an end on a sweet note. Every guest will appreciate the gesture. 

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