Are Millennials Bringing An End To The Big Fat Indian Wedding? 

Big Fat Indian Wedding
Big Fat Indian Wedding

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s low-key intimate wedding is an important cultural milestone of our times. It voiced the sentiment of so many millenials around how they would like their wedding to be: small, filled with love, and surrounded by people they truly care about in a place that means something to them. From Alia Bhatt’s minimal bridal look to their beautiful sunkissed white wedding, everything had a serene feeling to it. The pictures spoke volumes about the moments they must have shared as a couple and with their family and friends, and set #weddinggoals for an entire generation of new age couples who now have a reference for what they have been thinking about all along. 

Even before the pandemic, small, intimate weddings were slowly making their mark in the otherwise luxuriously (and sometimes ridiculously) expensive wedding industry. While quite a few people still believe in “Go Big or Go Home” when it comes to weddings, the Pandemic truly made people realise how small weddings are actually so much more intimate and fun, because they cut down on so much unnecessary chaos. There is no upper limit to how big one can go with a wedding, there are many, many ways in which you can find space to do new and more lavish things if that is what you want. 

But there are also very clear pros to not getting into the entire big wedding train at all. For starters, It saves you SO much money! Ask anyone who has gone the traditional wedding way, and they will tell you how they regret spending so much on one day. And on people they hardly know. Wedding expenses, even for the most judicious of us, can be a slippery slope and before you know it you can be sliding down this bottomless pit real fast. 

Intimate weddings allow you to spend your hard earned money wisely, and invest in your experience of the day and how you really want to spend the most important day of your life, rather than all the frills that come with it. You can use the money you save to invest in something else for your new life together!

Secondly, small weddings let you focus so much more on the little details that are important, the moments that you will remember, the small rituals that will be special to you forever. They cut down so much stress in terms of logistics and people management, and let you actually enjoy your own wedding, rather than stressing about a hundred odd things till the very end. Having only the closest people around you also ensures that they are all really invested in your big day as well, and that’s the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with on your big day. 

And Last but not the least, small weddings are just so much more fun. Less people also means better pictures, more interaction with everyone who has gathered to be a part of your wedding, or is attending it virtually, more intimate memories that you will cherish for years to come, and more laughter and light. With no lines of people waiting to get pictures clicked with you on the stage and to be welcomed one by one as they arrive, all the extra time literally translates into time you can spend dancing, laughing and making memories with the ones you love.

 A wedding is a celebration of the biggest happy moment of your life, and millennials have cracked the code to the ingredients of doing this day the right way with small, intimate celebrations, gift registries and virtual weddings. If you are someone who resonates with this ideology too, head over to our virtual wedding services, gift registries and wedding websites to make your intimate wedding as beautiful as it deserves to be. We will love to be the chosen ones to support you in your dream intimate wedding. 

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