Best Wedding Website Templates Yet!

Modern, yet innovative but with a hint of creativity. That is what most people envision about their wedding. But, how can they make their special day unique? The answer is to create a “Wedding Website”! The trend for a wedding website has skyrocketed amongst to be married couples. It is out of the box and intimate. So, if you are interested in doing something different, then here are the best 2019 wedding website templates to go for!

Wedding Website Templates

20 Best Wedding Website Templates For 2019

#1 Heavenly Abode

You have probably heard that if a couple is perfect, then they are a match made in heaven. The heavenly abode template is offered by The concept to this template is spirituality and love, and if you are wondering how will you be able to make this a reality then worry not! The Wedding Wishlist will help create this for you, and guess what; it is free!  

#2 Peatalous

By the sound of it, you may have guessed that this wedding template would be a floral themed one. provides the service of creating your own wedding website! They have a 30 day free trial period, after which you would have to pay to create your wedding website.

#3 Inexpressible

A simple and elegant themed wedding website by will beautifully express you and your partner and the love you have for each other. The best thing about the platform is that you can customize and even switch themes in between too during the process. They have a mixture of free and paid templates, so you choose wisely!

#4 Happily Ever After

If you search for wedding website templates, you will come across so many options that it will be tough to choose one. Happily Ever After is the perfect template of a fairytale wedding. has the perfect layout for it too, and it is free! Beginning of the happily ever after? We think so too!

#5 Bride-To-Be have multiple themed wedding website templates, but the bride-to-be surely has a unique and creative outlook. This is a paid template but a beautiful one that you would look happy to work on and share it with everyone!

#6 Starry Night

Do you dream of your wedding to be a starry affair? With lights, sparkle, and a whole lot of love? Then the starry night theme offered by would be perfect for you! So, what are you waiting for? Begin the process of creating your wedding website and share the link!

#7 Holy Spark

A wedding website can be traditional and religious too, it all depends on your customization and the theme that you choose. offers templates of different themes, even divine to help make your wedding announcement special.

#8 Elegant

Just as the name would suggest, this wedding website won’t be short for anything but elegance. It is a free template that provides and it is a template that you can customize and build in no time!

#9 Paisley Please

A wedding is about traditions and love, and to keep this alive has created a wedding website template that will satisfy your search! Not only is this template free, but you have the ability to add your own music and make the website stand out from anything anyone has ever seen!

#10 Upscale Fiesta will help you find the perfect design for your website to narrate the story of your wedding. Upscale Fiesta is as grand as it sounds, with the many customizations you can really add spunk to your wedding website and make it great! Oh, did we mention that it is for FREE!

#11 Joyful

A happy and joyful wedding is what everyone and even dream of! If you want a wedding website to reflect exactly this, then you know where to check.

#12 Written With Love is known for providing templates that are top notch. Written With Love is a design that you could hope and dream of and that has been brought into reality. What is even better is the fact, that it is free. Is it too good be to true? Well, you will have to find out!

#13 Geeky Gamers

Is gaming something that you and your partner share? If yes, then share it with the world too through your wedding website! offers this theme to celebrate the fun, happiness, and geeky side to your wedding. Now, isn’t this an interesting way to announce and invite people to the wedding?

#14 I Do

Minimalistic and precise, sure knows how to design the best wedding website templates. If this seems like the personality of you and your wedding then this platform is the place to start the beginning of your special day and mark your forever after.

#15 Vintage Garden

Want a bit of vintage and floral as the theme to your wedding? has got you covered! The dynamics and layout of the template will make your wedding website unique and most certainly scream you!

#16 Groovy

If cool and groovy is what you want to go ahead with for your wedding then is the platform for you to explore! Their groovy themed wedding website template will give you the chill and relaxed vibe and get everyone excited for your wedding!

#17 Simple Olives

Your wedding website will narrate your story. It will hold details and information from how you met to the wedding itinerary. The simple olives template on has a layout that is convenient and simple which means everyone is going to love it!

#18 Our Promise

A marriage is a promise of a lifetime made between a couple, and to express that promise through your wedding website would make it intimate and sweet. If you are hoping for a sweet and spectacular wedding website then can help you out. This template may be a paid one, but will also be one that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

#19 Peonies

Pastel colors and floral decor, the theme of simplicity, creativity, and grace. If this is the theme you are aiming for then your wedding website will be exactly the same! has this theme that will leave you awestruck. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

#20 Heart To Heart

Love is the foundation of a marriage, of a relationship and definitely a wedding. understands this perfectly, so the wedding website template Heart To Heart is a depiction of that love. You can choose colors and music that fit perfectly to describe your story and wedding announcement.

A wedding website is now the digitized version of a wedding invitation, and there are so many platforms that will help create this for you. So, why not try something new and creative and kickstart your wedding festivities on a fun note!


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