10 Best Bridal Boutiques in Chennai You Must Not Miss

When you’re searching for a perfect bridal outfit you need to find the perfect bridal boutique. There are many designers and design options available to choose from but which one is the best and most suited for you? Now, that is a tough question. If you are a bride-to-be or know someone who is and are searching for the best bridal boutique in Chennai, then look no further!

Bridal Boutiques in Chennai
Bridal Boutiques in Chennai

Bridal Boutiques in Chennai

When it comes to wedding vendors and designers, there are many options available to choose from, but which one is the best and most suited for you? Let’s find out!

We have listed the top 10 bridal boutiques in Chennai for you to choose from for your special day!

#1. Sheers Boutique

Looking for stunning bridal gowns in Chennai? Well, Sheers Boutique offers a gorgeous range of wedding gowns with intricate designs for you to choose from. It is a wedding boutique in Chennai that is hard to miss and is definitely top on the list of every bride-to-be. Not only do they have ready-made gowns but also customize them as per your requirements. Apart from just the wedding gown, you can also choose the accessories that go with the dress! Doesn’t Sheers bridal boutique in Chennai sound like a winner to your ears and soul?

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#2. Kataria’s

Want a traditional wedding but with a modern feel? Kataria’s is the best bridal boutique in Chennai for this! This boutique is an old and most respected one in Chennai and can guarantee you an amazing and breathtaking bridal outfit. Embroidered lehengas, textured fabrics, whatever you have in mind, Kataria’s has them in store. You can be sure to get amazing bridal gowns in Chennai from Kataria’s. The advantage here too is that they can customize outfits as per your suggestions, giving your personality and perspective on your outfit for your special day! With all these features, Kataria’s has become one of the top bridal boutiques in Chennai. Be sure to check them out!

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#3. Rangeela

Rangeela is a one-all bridal outlet. If you are looking out for bridal outfits and accessories that will match your taste and wedding theme, this is definitely the place to be! It is one of the most recommended and best bridal boutique in Chennai. If you are going wedding shopping for a bridal gown in Chennai, Rangeela is the store for you. They have outfits in a range of colours, designs and also the latest trend pieces. Do you feel like this is the place for you to do your wedding shopping? We feel so too!

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#4. Anita Designer Studio

If you are going all out for your wedding and want a fancy and extravagant bridal outfit then, Anita Designer Studio is an amazing bridal boutique in Chennai you should try! Not only do the bridal outfits look elegant but they also give a regal vibe. Every design is different and unique which would mean that your wedding look will be spectacular. They have a variety of lehenga’s and saree’s for you to choose from for the look of your day. If you have got a great budget, then this wedding boutique in Chennai surely will give you outfits worth your money!  

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#5. Nazia Syed

Nazia Syed’s bridal boutique in Chennai is a wonderland for all bride-to-be’s. Her bridal boutique offers multiple services like bridal trousseau, sarees and lehengas. You name and she’s got it! Naiza Syed’s boutique is well known for its bridal lehenga’s because of the eccentric and eclectic designs and colour schemes. If you are a person who likes to experiment and try something new but great, you should head here. It’s a store full of surprises, and is one of the best bridal boutiques in Chennai you can find.

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#6. Hangar Atelier Bridal Wear

Weddings are a huge event and occasion that people splurge on because it is a special day. A special day requires a special outfit that speaks of elegance, colour and sophistication. These are words that describe the Hangar Atelier Bridal Wear store. It is an amazing bridal boutique in Chennai for many reasons but the one that tops the list is their minimalistic approach to a grand outfit design. So, head over to their store and witness this remarkable store, you may find the bridal gown in Chennai that you were looking for!

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#7. Sundari Silks

As their name suggests, Sundari Silks offers beautiful and stunning bridal outfits. They have the best bridal wedding collection and can most definitely be called the best wedding boutique in Chennai. From traditional to modern designs, their outfits are dreamy and contemporary. Whatever you are imagining your outfit to be, there is a great possibility of finding it in this store! Now that you know, don’t wait any longer! Head to their boutique and find your wedding outfit.

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#8. Evoluzione

Evoluzione is a high end sophisticated bridal boutique in Chennai. It houses multiple great bridal designers. If you are looking to get yourself a bridal outfit from the best bridal designers then this is your place and heaven! The outfit choices and designs will make it difficult for you to choose from, however, you will have a pick of many great looks. This is a great wedding boutique in chennai where you can compare the different wedding outlooks from designers and for you to find the best one that screams you!

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#9. Neharika Sarees

Don’t let the Sarees part of the boutique name give you off. Neharika Sarees offers bridal sarees, lehengas, and suits for your special day! The reason why Neharika Sarees is noted as the best bridal boutique in Chennai is because of her punctual delivery and quality. Even if you are in a spot and need your wedding outfit soon, Neharika can make that possible. The outfits that are available at her store are not generic but tasteful and elegant. This makes it one bridal boutique in Chennai you must check out!

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#10. Sruthi Kannath

Classy and grand, those are the two words that would describe the work of Sruthi Kannath. They are the best bridal boutique in Chennai that is designed and styled by the owner. Your wedding day is all about you, and your wedding attire should also say so! Sruthi creates magnificent outfits that would surely leave you teary-eyed. The techniques and creativity for the design surely show how unique her pieces are, and you can be sure you won’t find many other bridal gowns in chennai better than the ones found here. So, if this sounds like a store you want to check out then wait no more!

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It is easy to search for bridal boutiques but to find the best bridal boutique in Chennai can be quite difficult. We hope this list of the best can help you make the perfect decision for the perfect special day you want to have!

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